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About us

We are a group of students with a deep motivation for the development of projects and the management of multidisciplinary teams, managing to apply theoretical knowledge to a real engineering problem.


Robocol is a student initiative of the Universidad de los Andes, whose purpose is to train its members in the area of technology applied to robotics, with the aim of offering a complementary education that allows them to develop qualities suitable for the requirements of the labour market.


We want to be a Latin American benchmark in high-level training in the area of robotics through research, innovation and project creation, being at the forefront of technological change. 

We are working on

"A group where I met amazing people who shared my love for engineering. Robocol taught me to work in a team, to understand how to organise and plan a project and how to produce a final project".

Jose Vargas

"A group that supported us in developing our skills in robotics as a source of training".

Fernando Parada

"It was a learning experience that had a positive impact on my time at university. Robocol taught me to grow as a person, to improve as an engineer and professional".

Felipe Noguera Pardo

"Without a doubt, Robocol was the biggest project I was involved in while at Uniandes and it gave me enough skills to quickly get a job and develop myself 100% in it".

Óscar Andrés Díaz Caballero

"The best opportunity of my life in which I met the most skilled engineers, whom I now call friends. Robocol opened my eyes to a world that goes beyond mechanical engineering: it took me to the scavenging, to listen, to have a cultural exchange in the competitions".

Eileen Jimena Torres Morales

"For me it was a privilege to be a member, to be part of the first science group and to be the leader, that Santiago Piña trusted me after the interview that was conducted with several of us. It was my greatest experience working in such an interdisciplinary group. It was what made me choose between the multiple branches of geosciences and planetary sciences. It was the best experience I have ever had in my life."

Adriana Ariza Pardo

"It was a very pleasant experience as we worked with many different areas with one goal."

Juan Camilo Romero